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dual branding

Learn the advantages of accessing three revenue streams.

the country’s best yogurt
for over 30 years

The Country’s Best Yogurt, known by millions as TCBY, has been a frozen yogurt innovator ever since our first shop opened in Little Rock, Arkansas, back in 1981. Our goal back then is the same as it is today: Create delicious, healthier, low-fat frozen yogurt treats our customers will love. Our customers loved TCBY so much that just one short year after opening our doors, we began offering our frozen yogurt franchises.

In 2000, our TCBY frozen yogurt received a sweet little boost when we joined with Mrs. Fields fresh-from-the-oven cookies. Now we have two iconic brands operating under our parent company, Famous Brands International.

In 2005, TCBY renewed our commitment to delivering the very best overall experience to our customers by re-focusing our product offerings, and in 2007 we rolled out a new line of tasty yogurt-based smoothies.

In 2010, TCBY introduced our new self-serve platform, perfect for attracting today’s active, on-the-go consumer.

In 2011, TCBY introduced Super FroYo, a new classification of super nutritious frozen yogurt.

In 2012, TCBY introduced Greek FroYo, with twice the protein and even less fat and sugar.

Today, TCBY continues to lead the market in nutrition, taste, and new product innovation, ensuring our customers enjoy their personally concocted yogurt and topping combinations as much now as they always have. And, our new contemporary design for our locations brings a calming Zen-like atmosphere so nothing gets in the way of enjoying the perfect swirl.