dual branding

dual branding

Learn the advantages of accessing three revenue streams.


frozen yogurt and fresh baked cookies are the sweetest combination

Over the years millions of happy consumers have enjoyed the TCBY and Mrs. Fields brands, earning both the icon status. So, for us, joining the two brands makes perfect sense. Through our Dual Branding Concept franchisees can now leverage the power of two of the country’s most readily recognized brands, with over 90% brand awareness.

the key ingredients to our dual branding concept are:

The power of two iconic brands Access to three different revenue streams: TCBY, Mrs. Fields, and our new Mrs. Fields Gifting stations for unlimited B2B marketing
Unique sweet treat combinations not seen in the market yet Choose from several format alternatives including store fronts, malls, and kiosks
Tap into the buying power of over 880 stores in more than 16 countries Leverage higher dollar rings in the same square footage
AUV increase of more than 30% Benefit from $2 billion in financial backing from our private equity owners
Fulfill multiple day parts with coffee, cookies, brownies, savory items, frozen yogurt, cakes, and pies Take advantage of the proven financing support through our partners at www.boefly.com, the leaders in franchise finance